About Us

Established in 1956, CloudCorp coordinates and facilitates economic development in Cloud County, Kansas. Our mission is to promote, foster, and encourage throughout all economic levels and sectors the appropriate growth of a more diverse and better-quality local economy which supports additional quality jobs and new capital investment throughout Cloud County. We aim to provide adequate, appropriate and quality goods and services along with a high quality of life throughout Cloud County.

CloudCorp’s mission is accomplished by providing economic development services through the facilitation, coordination, and communication of information, technical assistance, available resources, and joint efforts among local citizens, public entities, private organizations, current business owners, and economic development prospects to help develop greater economic and social opportunities in Cloud County, Kansas and throughout the North Central Kansas Region.

CloudCorp is advised by a Board of Directors which includes representatives from each of the incorporated communities located in Cloud County and elected officials of local governments and public organizations in Cloud County. Please click here for a full list of Directors and members of the Executive and Finance Committees.

Executive Director
Nicole Reed

Nicole Reed joined CloudCorp in February of 2021.  She transitioned into the Executive Director in May of 2022.  Nicole’s primary responsibilities are recruitment of new businesses, retaining current businesses, and assisting businesses during expansion within Cloud County.  She has experience in education, social media marketing, project planning, and budget management. Reed is a native of Cloud County.  She attended Cloud County Community College and Kansas State University.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  Nicole worked as a Kindergarten and Pre-School teacher for 14 years combined at Clifton-Clyde and Concordia school districts.  Her children currently attend Clifton-Clyde High School, Cloud County Community College, and Manhattan Christian College.

“I am very excited for this amazing opportunity to become a key in the leadership of Cloud County economic development.  I look forward to working with all of our communities in helping continue our CloudCorp mission to coordinate, leverage, and connect people to projects for the betterment of all of Cloud County.” 

To contact Nicole email: nicki.reed@cloudcorp.net  

CloudCorp Executive Committee

Jesse Pounds, President

Marsha Wentz, Secretary

Scott Condray, Treasurer

Phil Gilliland

Kurt Kocher


Finance Committee

Scott Condray

Brian Kemling

Dan Farha

Jeremy Hacker

Stephanie Anderson

Get in the Cloud Committee

Joe Strecker

Landee Thyfault

Shelly Farha

Kathy Imhoff

AJ LeDuc

Loren Swenson

Phil Sudduth


Board of Directors

Scott Condray, Lucas Chavey, Ben Retter, Jim Coash, Phil Gilliland, Jesse Pounds, Nancy Owens, Amy Jackson, Gary Caspers, Richard Hubert, Toby Nosker, Darell Gallegos, Monte Wentz, Mark Paul, Phil Sudduth, Kurt Kocher, Casey Richard, Loren Swenson, Marsha Wentz, Clark Coco, Deb Catlin, Beth Blackwell, Wendy Genereux, and Jessica Pressler

Become a member

CloudCorp is funded one third from Cloud County, one third from the City of Concordia, and one third by incorporated communities in Cloud County, business owners and private individuals.  All contributions help support the general operations of CloudCorp in providing economic development services to the citizens, businesses and economic development prospects of Cloud County. 

A financial investment in CloudCorp is an investment in future businesses, future customers, and future projects benefiting our communities.  

Please consider an annual pledge at one of the following donation levels and help CloudCorp continue its very positive, progressive and robust program of economic development.  Your support can help us reach out goals in aggressively attracting and retaining business opportunities in Cloud County.