Remote Work

Kansas is ranked Number 4 in The 4 Best Remote Work States for Virtual Employees and Freelancers according to Virtual Vocations.

Cloud County is ranked among the top three in remote job placements in the 26-county region of North Central Kansas according to Rural & Remote. Web Development is the top placed job type.

Rural & Remote is an initiative that was started in the spring of 2019 through the generosity of the NWKS Economic Innovation Center, Inc (NWKEICI) as a way to provide remote job skills training, computer coding education, and job placement support to residents of Northwest Kansas, including Cloud County.

The organization is actively recruiting great candidates and providing a “remote work friendly” environment.  Providing the connections to companies that are hiring remotely is a great service to this area.  Already have a remote job? There is a network of people already here to support you!  Visit: